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Winter Exhibitions at New Ashgate: 14 November 2020 to 9 January 2021
At Christmas thoughts turn to home so our Winter Exhibition presents a range of unique, local art and craft that you won’t find anywhere else. Treat yourself to something new for your home or buy gifts for your loved ones. Pop in, browse our curated online gallery and shop away from the crowds. You’ll be supporting a local gallery and small creative artist businesses if you do, as well as finding something special this Christmas.
Special exhibition: Art in Nature
Artists have always been inspired by nature, the patters of flowers and plants and the colours of four seasons. Nature remains the primary referent and is more important than ever: our local landscape and the green English countryside have given many of us so much comfort and joy during this difficult year. This exhibition brings together a group of artists and makers who share the love of nature.

Special exhibition: Sarah Spackman: Specific beauty

Sarah Spackman’s work is distinguished by a strength of drawing, together with a delicate and subtle use of colour. Sarah has become particularly well known for her still-life paintings. She works in a quiet considered way applying the principle that good drawing is the basis of good painting. Sarah uses colour to enhance the organisation and definition of observed form. Sarah considers the setting up of a still life a crucial part of the process: focusing on the objects themselves, everyday objects that are often looked at but not seen, how they relate to each other and the space in which they sit. When painting Sarah pursues the development of these relationships through constantly looking, contemplating, redrawing and colour adjusting.

Sarah’s work will be shown with still live glass maestro Elliot Walker, associated with the London Glassblowing Studios. Elliot is one of a handful of glassblowers in the world who focus solely on figurative sculpture. Sculpting in molten glass is known as the Messello technique, and working this way requires extreme dexterity, speed and precise temperature control. He chooses to sculpt in glass mainly for the material’s immediacy and transparency and for the intensity of the sculpting experience.
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