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We are reopening and celebrating the nature and the beautiful British landscape that have given us so much joy during the recent lockdown.

New exhibitions opening on 11 July:
Amanda Hoskins: Expressions of Cornwall
Vicky Oldfield: Flowers: the eccentric and ordinary
Maker in Focus: Ellul Ceramics (from 8 Aug)

11 July – 5 September 2020:

Vicky Oldfield: Flowers: the eccentric and ordinary
Vicky is a Surrey based artist and printmaker who likes to find beauty in the everyday – some weeds on a roadside, or a cluttered windowsill can set off a new collection. She treasures both the eccentric and the ordinary, inspired by collections of found objects and natural forms; she is fascinated with the structure and design found in flowers and plants, often redrawing the same plant many times over to explore the subtle variations in its form.
Vicky’s still lives often incorporate seedpods, grasses, bottles and bowls collected on walking and sketching trips. Each piece tells a story using collage and drawing, referencing a memory, time or place.

Amanda Hoskins: Expressions of Cornwall
The Cornish Amanda Hoskins portrays some of her favourite places in Cornwall, presenting eclectic paintings of beaches, clifftops, flowers, moor lands and woodlands that she has visited on her long walks. Using sketches created in-situ Amanda works on larger oil paintings in her studio.
She retains her emotional connection with the landscape while experimenting in the sketchbooks. Amanda recognises and reflects the richness in the English landscape that has inspired artists over the centuries.

8 August – 19 September 2020:

Maker in Focus: Ellul Ceramics
Lisa creates her unique hand built ceramic vessels, forms and botanical wall art from her studio in the beautiful Peak District. She has always had a love of nature and been fascinated by the beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark and seed pods. It is this natural theme that inspires her ceramics.

Lisa’s vessels are constructed from layers of finely rolled tubes or cones of clay. These are organised in a structured formation building the thickness of the vessel wall. Some vessels are multi-layered and hold a solid, weighted volume. Others are simple one-layer vessels resembling seed pods. This method of construction creates an intricate texture and articulation of surface. Surfaces are almost bone like with fossilised leaf patterns or inlayed textures. Simple washes of oxides highlight texture and the occasional use of gold leaf adds a sense of luminosity and luxury.