Member Spotlight

New product launch

EventsAlbum is an online photo hosting platform, allowing event organisers to gather photos taken by their guests at an event.

You create an event on the site which generates a QR code which you can issue to the guests, perhaps printed on name badges, signs or posters. The guests can then scan the QR code and upload their photos direct to the website, no need to create an account or download an app.

There is also the option to display photos as they’re uploaded on a screen at the event in a real time rolling gallery, which really helps drive engagement from the guests, although there is the option to approve photos before they appear if required.

All the photos can then be downloaded at the full resolution they were taken, unlike most social media and messaging services which reduce the size to save on storage. Given the quality of most smart phone cameras these days that means the photos are mostly a good enough quality to print.

The product was born out of a desire for Chris (Director of SynEngin) and his wife to capture the photos people took at their wedding. After searching online they couldn’t find anything which didn’t require their guests to create an account or download an app, which they couldn’t see their guests doing on the day. So they decided to take the time and build their own version with the aim of marketing it as a product after the wedding. The wedding was just over a week ago and they picked up a few hundred extra photos, including some fantastic ones of parts of the wedding they would never have otherwise seen.

Whilst the product was initially devised and used for a Wedding it’s also being marketed towards corporate events and conferences. Please have a look at the website below and get in touch on 01252 918 990 or if you have any questions or would like some more information.