Spotlight Member

As a company that does good by helping to upskill cleaners and promotes using eco friendly and ethical cleaning products, Yenza have now been accepted as members of the Social Enterprise UK organisation as certified members.

They have also been nominated for the Eva awards 2019.

The business was originally started off in Teddington but has now moved to Farnham where they are servicing local business, nurseries and some schools.

The company works hard at ensuring their service providers are treated kindly and fairly. They do this by paying them a fair rate – not a living wage but more than that- Yenza ensure they get the lion’s share of the profits.  They help upskill them and offer company perks such as discount and days out vouchers.

Yenza feel working as a cleaner is hard, tiresome work and as a result cleaners should be rewarded for their hard work with kindness, decent wages and opportunities to upskill if they like.

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